AGEP 2022 National Research Conference :

Making Waves to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the STEM Professoriate

November 2-4, Corpus Christi Texas

The 2022 AGEP National Research Conference will advance knowledge and understanding of models and best practices to improve pathways to the professoriate and success for historically underrepresented minority doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty to encourage and facilitate increased diversity in the STEM professoriate. The conference will bring together active alliances to increase the sharing of recent knowledge and to strengthen the individual alliances by providing members an opportunity to improve their communication skills and learn from one another.

Keynote and plenary speakers will share information on methods to institutionalize, sustain, strengthen, and expand their alliance and to tailor the experience of individual students, thus improving each alliance's effectiveness. Activities and interactions will strive to encourage new connections among alliances and the sharing of best practices and lessons learned. These interactions will allow for important critical, helpful feedback from their peers and experts in a low stakes setting. Alliances will be ork of able to use this information to help then adjust their model and the implementation of their model.

The conference committee is pleased to invite you to join us in Corpus Christi to disseminate the exceptional work of the AGEP alliances.